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Connor Love

Software Developer

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Experience And Education

Jan 2020 - Present
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At the start of 2020, I started principal work on a new service offered by A-1 Motion & Design, Inc, called INDAQ, which stands for Industrial Data Acquisition. The goal of the service is offer almost real-time and historal analytics to industrial manufacturers.

For the service, I had to design and implement a on premise device to facilate the gathering of data that would be piped to our backend, where I engineering an effectient database layout for quick quering and small storage.

The last component of this system that I developed was the frontend, which gives the user several different views of their data.

  • Dashboards with near real-time feedback on different system.
  • Bar graphs for comparing different points across the whole system.
  • Line graphs with user settable time ranging, with different sampling options.
  • Custom query builder to find time ranges matching exact requirements.

Nov 2017 - Present
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A-1 Motion & Design, Inc

During the first few years at A-1 Motion & Design, I helped redesigned the customer facing website, to promote engagement and provide better information to our customers.

I also started work on our internal time log systems that we used to manage billable hours for each project and customer, along with a project management system to help facitate an organized interface for managing day to day operations.

Aug 2018 - May 2022
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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Computer Science

Starting in the fall of 2018, I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majoring in Computer Science with a contenation in Web and Mobile App Development.

While in school, I took several courses, for example Data Structures and Algorithms, which provides a fair of amount of knowledge for every usecase of software engineering; Computer Architecture where I learned the processes of how the internals work processors and computers work; lastly Network Based App Development taught how several systems need to communicate in order to present complete application to the end user.


Languages, libraries, frameworks and services I enjoy working with.